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The purpose of the introduction of the FET (Further Education and Training) curriculum is to produce workers with knowledge and skills applicable to today's fast changing world.
There are many differences between the "old schooling system" that parents are familiar with from their own school days, and the FET band, of which the following can be highlighted:

  • A new system of categorizing qualifications (NQF)
  • Levels of Achievement
  • Requirements to progress
  • Learning fields and subjects

The NQF (National Qualifications Framework)

Academic qualifications will be categorized according to the framework below:

NQF Level Higher Education Qualification
2-3 Gr 10 and Gr 11
4 National Senior Certificate (Gr 12)
5 Higher Certificate
6 Diploma / Advanced Certificate
7 Bachelors Degree / Advanced Diploma
8 Honours Degree / Post-graduate Diploma
9 Masters Degree
10 Doctoral Degree

Levels of Achievement

Level Description %
7 Outstanding Achievement 80 - 100
6 Meritorious Achievement 70 - 79
5 Substantial Achievement 60 - 69
4 Adequate Achievement 50 - 59
3 Moderate Achievement 40 - 49
2 Elementary Achievement 30 - 39
1 Not Achieved 0 - 29

Requirements to progress:

The minimum requirements to progress to the next grade (from grade 10 onwards) are:
The learner

  1. must obtain at least 40% (level 3) in their Home Language (Main Language)
  2. must obtain at least 40% (level 3) in TWO other subjects
  3. must obtain at least 30% (level 2) in THREE other subjects
  4. may obtain less than 30% (level 2) in ONE subject, but a complete portfolio must be submitted as proof of work

Changing of subjects from Gr 10 - 12:

Officially, the Department of Education (DOE) allows for:

  • One or more subject change/s in Grade 10
  • One subject change in Grade 11 or Grade 12, if the school deems it in the best interest of the learner to change a subject. However, a Gr 11/12 subject change needs to be approved by the school and by the Head of Department of the district or his/her delegate.

When a learner changes a subject they might have to:

  • Catch up on subject content missed
  • Catch up any tasks already done by the rest of the class needed for CASS (portfolio).

It is therefore better to avoid a situation where changes are needed during Gr. 10, 11 or 12.

Learning fields and subjects:

Subjects are grouped into learning fields. There is no Higher Grade or Standard Grade, subjects are offered at one level only.

Learning Field Subjects offered at DHS Subject code
Languages English (Home Language) ENGHL
Afrikaans (First Additional Language) AFRFA
isiZulu (First Additional Language) ZULFA
Human and Social Sciences Geography GEOG
Life Orientation LIFE
Arts and Culture Visual Arts VSLA
Services Consumer Studies CNST
Tourism TRSM
Business, Commerce and Management Studies Accounting ACCN
Business Studies BSTD
Economics ECON
Engineering and Technology Engineering Graphics and Design GRDS
Mechanical Technology MCHT
Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences Physical Sciences PHSC
Life Sciences LFSC
Mathematics MATH
Mathematical Literacy MLIT
Computer Applications Technology CATN

A brief overview of the choice subjects offered at Dundee High School:

SUBJECT MATH (Mathematics)
DESCRIPTION Mathematics is based on observations which, with rigorous thinking, lead to theories abstract in nature. MATH enables creative and logical thinking about problems in the real world. It is a discipline in its own right and requires acquisition of knowledge, without necessarily having applications in real life. In MATH competence in investigating, generalizing and proving is more important than acquiring knowledge. It is an important tool for creating, expressing and exploring theoretical aspects of the sciences.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES It is essential for any learner who wishes to pursue a career in Physical, Mathematical, Computer, Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences, Technology, Economic and Management Sciences, Health Sciences and all the engineering disciplines.

SUBJECT MLIT (Mathematical Literacy)
DESCRIPTION Mathematical Literacy provides an awareness and understanding of the role of mathematics in the real world. It gives learners the ability and confidence to think numerically and spatially. It provides learners with opportunities to engage in real life problems in different contexts, and will result in the ability to understand mathematical terminology and information given on graphs, tables or diagrams.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Learners will be able to handle mathematics that affect their lives and thus be prepared for the real world.

SUBJECT CNST (Consumer Studies)
DESCRIPTION CNST is a combination of Home Economics, Needlework, Consumer Studies and Interior Design. It embraces three areas, namely Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Housing and Furnishing. It has a practical component on one of the above three, with Food and Nutrition the best suited to the facilities available at DHS. CNST focuses on enabling learners to become responsible and informed consumers of food, clothing, housing, furnishings and household equipment, and to use resources optimally and in a sustainable manner.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Production and Marketing, Textiles, Interior design, Hotel Industry,  Catering and Tourism, Education, Consumer Board as well as entrepreneurial ventures related to food, clothing and furnishing.

SUBJECT BSTD (Business Studies)
DESCRIPTION In Business Studies  learners will:
  • Develop business plans  and transform them into action plans
  • Differentiate between management and leadership styles and approaches
  • Apply conflict management strategies
  • Gain knowledge of all Acts concerning employees
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Business Economists are employed in:
  • Banks
  • Financial journals and newspapers
  • Trade Unions, Political Parties and Employer Organisations
  • Management and Economic Consultancies
  • Education
  • Own business (entrepreneurship)

SUBJECT CATN (Computer Assisted Technology)
DESCRIPTION Computer Assisted Technology combines both Computer Typing and ICDL. In CATN learners are taught the basic components and working of a computer. Learners are taught how to use all the packages in the MS Office suit, such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access and Publisher. They also learn how to identify types of computers, hardware and components, software, internet security and netiquette.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES CATN is useful in all careers as it teaches computer literacy and application.

SUBJECT PHSC (Physical Sciences)
DESCRIPTION Physical Sciences will provide learners with the knowledge of scientific laws and principles through theory and practical experiments. It covers both Physics (Mechanics; Waves, Sound and Light; Electricity and Magnetism) as well as Chemistry (Matter and Materials; Chemical Change; Chemical Systems).
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES All Mathematical, Medical, Engineering, Chemical and / or  Scientific disciplines require PHSC.

SUBJECT GRDS (Engineering, Graphics and Design)
DESCRIPTION GRED is closely related to Technical Drawing, and integrates the cognitive and manipulative skills that are used to design and communicate graphically.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and trades such as Draughting, Landscaping, Interior Design and Graphical Design

SUBJECT LFSC (Life Sciences)
DESCRIPTION Life Sciences will equip learners who want to pursue careers in science or healing (nursing, medicine, medical research, food technology etc.). It covers Human Physiology and diseases; Evolution; Tissues, cells and molecular studies; Structures and processes in basic life systems as well as Environmental studies.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES All medical disciplines, including nursing, dentistry, medical research, food technology, marine biology as well as game ranging.

SUBJECT ECON (Economics)
DESCRIPTION Economics provides a broad understanding of the economic environment in which we live and work. Learners will study  the following:
  • Circular flow
  • Business cycles and forecasting
  • Micro-economics - supply and demand
  • SA import and export strategies
  • Inflation, unemployment, distribution of wealth and growth
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Economists are employed in:
  • Actuarial work
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Brokers and Investment Firms
  • Labour and Industrial relations
  • Law market research
  • Education

DESCRIPTION TRSM is the study of tourism as a dynamic industry. It is a wide field of study, which can be divided in seven sectors, namely Economics, Accommodation, Transport, Travel, Attractions,
Co-ordinators as well as Industrial, Commercial and Destination Organization. The knowledge, skills and values taught prepares the learner for the world as workplace and learners are equipped to identify entrepreneurial opportunities.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Hotel Management, Tour Guides, Lodge Management, Game Ranging, Tour Organizers etc.

SUBJECT MCHT (Mechanical Technology)
DESCRIPTION MCHT is a combination of Fitting and Turning, Metalwork, Motor Mechanics and Welding Works. It is a technological subject which focuses on processes from conceptual design to practical concept solving and the application of scientific principles.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Mechanical Engineering, Design, Environmental Engineering, Project Management, metallurgical Engineering, Aircraft technician, Automotive Mechanic, Boilermaker / Fitter & Turner, Earth- moving Equipment manager and careers within Metal Engineering.

SUBJECT GEOG (Geography)
DESCRIPTION Geography provides practical and theoretical skills for the learner who wants to pursue a career in environmental sciences. It covers Map Work, Weather and Climate, People and Economies, Ecosystems, Archaeology, Geology as well as Town and Regional Planning.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Four basic career directions include
  • Geology
  • Geography / Archaeology
  • Climatology
  • City / Town / Regional Planning

SUBJECT ACCN (Accountancy)
DESCRIPTION In Accountancy, learners will develop a basic financial literacy, and will be able to record, understand and interpret financial transactions and financial statements. The curriculum covers Financial Information, Management Accounting as well as tools to assist in managing resources in business.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Accountant, Financial Information Systems and Services, Auditing, General Administration.

SUBJECT VSLA (Visual Arts)
DESCRIPTION Visual Arts provides a broad background on various techniques in art and a basic overview of the history of art, so that learners develop their individual artistic potential. The curriculum covers Art History, Art Research, Personal Style Development as well as the use of different materials and techniques.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Art, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Film and Video Technology, Interior Design, Stage design, Jewellery Design

HOW DO I MAKE MY SUBJECT CHOICES? (Seven steps to success):

STEP 1: Answer some basic questions (the "backward" process):

  • What do I want to become?
  • Do I want to study further?
  • Where do I want to study?

STEP 2: Aptitude testing:
If you are unsure about your future career, you might want to consider an
aptitude test, either by doing a simple "do-it-yourself" test, or by writing a comprehensive professional aptitude test.

  • What are your abilities, skills, talents and values?
  • What are your personality traits?
  • What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions?
  • What are your interests?
  • What subjects are enjoyable and are you good at?
  • Do you want to study further?
  • Do the PACE computer test for aptitude available in the computer centre at school
  • Do the Career Field Questionnaire (Available from Mrs Haschke)
  • Be realistic
  • PROFESSIONAL TESTING: There are many centres countrywide that offer career / aptitude testing. Although this might be costly, it provides valuable information regarding subject choices and future career options:
  • Human Progress Management
Elize Koen, Dr. Willie Koen (snr), Willie Koen (jnr)
Web www.hpm.co.za
Tel (017) 712 3810 or 0823774052
Fax (017) 712 3810
Email willie.koen@vodamail.co.za
  • Chowles Consultants CC trading as The Career Centre
Ben Chowles BA, HDE, B.Ed (Psych) UOVS, MDP (UNISA), Registered Psychometrist
Add P.O. Box 20015, Newcastle, 2940
Tel / Fax (034) 312 1555 or 083 656 1535
Email ben@newcastle.co.za
  • Crelate Consultants
Dr Stephan Vosloo MBChB. DOH
Add P.O. Box 886, Ladysmith, 3370
Tel 082 940 9280
Fax (036) 6311612
Email vosloo3@telkomsa.net
  • Dr. Anand Ramphal (Educational Psychologist)
BA (Hons), M.Ed, EdD, AIE (Univ. London)
Add 5 Rathgar Grove, Reservoir Hills, Westville
Tel / Fax (031) 2621863

STEP 3: Am I in the correct school?

  • Academic School: Dundee High School is classified as an Academic School which offers academic subjects. Many of these subjects have practical components, but emphasis is placed on theory. Learners can enter the world of work, but also have the option of entering further studies if their academic results are good enough. 
  • FET College: FET Colleges offer courses (Gr 10 - 12) that are generally more practical and career orientated. Learners in a FET College complete a NC (National Certificate) which is focused more on the industry. Learners can enter the world of work immediately after completing their schooling. FET colleges offer a wide variety of courses, including Office Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Building and Construction, Engineering, IT, Agriculture, Beauty, Motor Mechanics etc. Visit www.fetcolleges.co.za for more information. Local FET Colleges include MAJUBA FET with branches in Dundee and Newcastle (034) 329 1184, MTHASHANA FET in Vryheid (034) 980 1010 and MNAMBITHI FET in Ladysmith (036) 638 3800. It is important for parents to know that your children will be treated as "students" - and these colleges will expect the student to take responsibility for class attendance and studies. 

STEP 4: Do I want to study further? If yes, where do I want to study?
(See end of page for list of different institutions)

  • University - Offers a degree course; mainly academic training
  • University of Technology (Technikon) - Offers certificates, diplomas and degrees of technology ; Practically minded; career orientated
  • Comprehensive University - Combination of university and technikon, offers diploma and degree courses.
  • Other institutions  (i.e. diploma from INTEC, Damelin, Beauty School  etc.)
  • No studies (entrepreneur, family business, apprenticeship, sales)

STEP 5: Be aware of the institution requirements for further study:

  • Admissions Point Score (APS) - a minimum APS score will be required for entry at University
  • (NB: Obtaining the minimum score does NOT secure entry - remember you are competing for a certain amount of places - you must exceed the minimum score!)

To qualify for entry to a diploma course:

  • Pass NSC (Gr 12)
  • Obtain a minimum rating of 3 (40 - 49%) in four subjects
  • Institution requirements

To qualify for entry to a degree course:

  • Pass NSC (Gr 12)
  • Obtain a minimum rating of 4 (50 - 59%) in four subjects from designated list
  • Institution requirements
8 90 - 100
7 80 - 90
6 70 - 79
5 60 - 69
4 50 - 59
3 40 - 49
2 30 - 39
1 0 - 29
  • Must choose subjects appropriate to studies (as many as possible). Contact institution of further study for specific requirements. A basic guideline of choice subjects is:

- Sciences and Health (MATH, PHSC, LFSC)
- Engineering and Technology (MATH, PHSC, GRDS, MCHT)
- Business and Economics (MATH or MATHLIT, ACCN, BSTD, ECON, CNST)

Mrs Haschke has a copy of THE CAREER BOOK. Make use of this book to assist you in your choices.

  • Must have at least four designated subjects:
  • Be aware of subject restrictions:
  • If you choose PHSC, you must take MATH
  • If you choose ACCN, you must take MATH
  • If you choose MCHT, you must take MATH and it is strongly recommended that you also take PHSC.

 - You must obtain at least 40% in the language of further education


STEP 6: Be aware of the basic career choice directions

  • Health, Sciences, Mathematics, Computers  
  • Engineering, Design and Technology
  • Business, Commerce and Management
  • Services
  • Arts
  • Human, Social and Resource Management
  • Practical, Entrepreneurship

STEP 7: Now select the choices that will open the most doors in the future AND that you can realistically do well in!

Home Language English (ENGHL)
First Additional Language Afrikaans (AFRFA) OR IsiZulu (ZULFA)
Life Orientation LIFE
Line 1: PHSC or BSTD or CNST or CATN
Line 2: LFSC or ECON or TRSM or GRDS
Line 3: BSTD or ACCN or GEOG or MCHT or VSLA

Additional subjects may be taken

  • If the learner is academically capable
  • must be done after official school time
  • all tasks and test requirements for CASS mark must be completed
  • subject must be taken from Gr 10 - 12

Remember that each subject leads to a different career direction:
(Subjects marked with a * are DESIGNATED SUBJECTS)

Line 1: PHSC or BSTD or CNST or CATN

PHSC * (Physical Sciences) Science, Health, Technology
BSTD * (Business Studies) Business, Commerce, Management
CNST * (Consumer Studies) Services
CATN(Computer Assisted Technology) Practical computer skills (entrepreneurship)

Line 2: LFSC or ECON or TRSM or GRDS

LFSC * (Life Sciences) Science, Health
ECON * (Economics) Business, Commerce, Management
TRSM (Tourism) Services
GRDS * (Engineering, Graphics and Design) Engineering, Architecture, Technology, Design

Line 3: BSTD or ACCN or GEOG or MCHT or VSLA

BSTD * (Business Studies) Business, Commerce, Management
ACCN * (Accountancy) Business, Commerce, Management
VSLA * (Visual Arts) Arts, Artistic Design
GEOG * (Geography) Human & Social Studies, Resources
MCHT (Mechanical Technology) Engineering, Technology, Design

A Last Hint...
If in doubt, contact the institutions where you wish to further your studies, for their requirements.



  • Durban University of Technology
  • Mangosuthu Technikon
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • University Of Zululand


    Campus Rondebosch, Observatory, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town City Centre
    Website www.uct.ac.za
    Tel (021) 650 2105/6
    Fax (021) 510 5100
    Campus Alice, Bishu, East London
    Website www.ufh.ac.za
    Tel (040) 653 2312
    Fax (040) 653 1338
    Campus Bloemfontein, Qwaqwa
    Website www.ufs.ac.zo
    Tel (051) 401 2114
    Fax (051) 444 0740
    Campus Durban, Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg
    Website www.ukzn.ac.za
    Tel (031) 260 2212
    Fax (031) 260 2201
    Campus GaRankuwa (MEDUNSA Campus), Sovenga (Turfloop Campus ), Polokwane
    Website www.ul.ac.za
    Tel (015) 268 2140
    Fax (015) 267 0133
    Campus Mafikeng, Potchefstroom, Vaal-Triangle
    Website www.nwu.ac.za
    Tel (018)299 4901
    Fax (018) 299 2603
    Campus Pretoria, Mamelodi, Onderstepoort, Groenkloof, Prinshof
    Website www.up.ac.za
    Tel (012) 420 3111
    Fax (012) 420 4530
    Campus Grahamstown
    Website www.ru.ac.za
    Tel (046) 603 8276
    Fax (046) 603 8300
    Campus Stellenbosch, Bellville, Tygerberg, Saldanha
    Website www.sun.ac.za
    Tel (021) 808 4490
    Fax (021) 808 3714
    Campus Bellville, Mitchell’s Plain, Tygerberg, Parow
    Website www.uwc.ac.za
    Tel (021) 959 2101
    Fax (021) 959 2973
    Campus Johannesburg
    Website www.ebe.wits.ac.za
    Tel (011) 717 7000
    Fax (011) 717 7009


    Campus Johannesburg, East Rand, Auckland Park, Soweto
    Website www.uj.ac.za
    Tel (011) 559 2637
    Fax (011) 489 2260
    Campus Port Elizabeth, George
    Website www.nmmu.ac.za
    Tel (041) 504 2075
    Fax (041) 504 2699
    Campus Pretoria
    Website www.unisa.ac.za
    Tel (012) 425 2550
    Fax (012) 429 2565
    Campus Thohoyandou (Limpopo)
    Website www.univen.ac.za
    Tel (015) 962 8192
    Fax (015) 962 4749
    Campus Eastern Cape (Mthatha, East London, Bhisho, Queenstown)
    Website www.wsu.ac.za
    Tel (047) 531 2267/8
    Fax (047) 502  2970
    Campus KwaZulu-Natal (KwaDlangezwa)
    Website www.uzulu.ac.za
    Tel (035) 902 6040
    Fax (035) 902 6601


    Campus Western Cape (Bellville, Cape Town, Mowbray, Wellington, Granger Bay)
    Website www.cput.ac.za
    Tel (021) 959 6244
    Fax (021) 951 5422
    Campus Bloemfontein, Kimberly, Welkom
    Website www.cut.ac.za
    Tel (051) 507 3000
    Fax (051) 507 3310
    Campus Durban, Pietermaritzburg
    Website www.dut.ac.za
    Tel (030) 204 2111 or 086 010 3194
    Fax (031) 204 2011
    Campus Tshwane, Nelspruit, Witbank, Polokwane
    Website www.tut.ac.za
    Tel 0861 102 421
    Fax (012) 382 5422
    Campus Vanderbijlpark, Kempton Park, Klerksdorp, Secunda, Upington
    Website www.vut.ac.za
    Tel (016) 950 9000
    Fax (016) 950 9999
    Campus Umlazi, Durban
    Website www.mantec.ac.za
    Tel (031) 907 7215
    Fax (031) 906 5470


    Campus Durban North
    E-mail stacyj@cti.co.za
    Tel (031) 564 0570
    Fax (031) 467 0726
    Campus Veereniging
    Website www.sahealthhairbeauty.co.za
    Tel (016) 454 9070
    Fax (016) 454 9079
    Campus Rosebank, Hatfield
    Website www.lisof.co.za
    Tel (011) 788 4432
    Fax (011) 447 4087
    Campus Pretoria
    Website www.dewildtcheetah.co.az
    Tel (012) 504 1921
    Campus Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Pretoria
    Website www.facetoface.co.za
    Tel (011) 726 8166
    Fax (011) 726 4944
    Campus Pretoria
    Website www.isacarstens.co.za
    Tel (021) 883 9777
    Fax 0867422131
    Campus Durban
    Website www.pyt.co.za
    Tel (031) 307 4992
    Fax (031) 307 4999
For more help with your subject choices
  • Talk to the educators teaching the different subjects.
  • Talk to Mrs. Haschke (career centre and guidance).
  • Talk to HPM.
  • Contact the tertiary institutions.
  • Use "THE CAREER BOOK" available at school.
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Sviter Isabella Steenkamp Derek Thomas Johan Rainsford Christodoulos Maniatis Daryl Brandon Brian Hesom David Robertson William Douglas Neville Smith Amy Visagie C Gordon Gustav Gropp Maria Marais R Newby Cheryl Rowe Hester Van Der Westhuizen Danie Van Tonder Marieta Landman Alan Young Hannes (Johannes) De Jager Carolina Theron J Douthwaite Johan Enslin Rosmarie Klingenberg Marthie (Marthina) de Jager C Potgieter Theo Scholtz Frans Scholtz P Speirs Lindy Grant René Van Zyl André Balt Mathys Botha Pieter De Bruin Reino Gevers Graham Girard-hopwood Margaret Jacobs Lareine Labuschagne Karen Mordecai-jones Gerhardus Maree Pamela Mordecai-jones Anette Visagie Rodney Smith Cornelia Swiegers Johan (blesbok) Théron Susan Van Der Grijp Dirkie Bezuidenhout Johannes (koos) Van Wyk Lukas Visagie Jannie Vlok Hester (Hettie) De Jager Siegfried Haschke Desiree Nietsky Nolene Bear Jeanette Rodgers Sheila Wrigley Hennie Bruyns George Dobson Antony Holloway Micheal Johnson L Jordaan Richard Klingenberg Johannes Liebenberg David Lundin Stella Smuts S Hesom B Martens John Spencer Amanda Jacobs Cobus van der Merwe Margaretha Kritzinger Stephanus Van Der Westhuizen Hester Albertse Charel Bothma Cecilia Blignaut Hennie Bruyns Linda Landry Terence Kayne Hans Heinrich (Heini) Klingenberg Lindi Kruger Elizabeth Van Wyk George Visser Rinda Hunt-Davis LOUISE BLIGNAUT Rüdiger (Rudi) Haschke Liane Abraham Machiel Dames Ian Dunn Gerrie du Preez Frederick Grobbelaar Tania Shackleton Cecil Phillips Zelda Signorini Marc Rossmann Michael Smith Hanlie Lourens Johanna Visser Hugh Lane Vernon Dedekind Errol Botha Normaa Williams Antoinette Neethling Kevin Campbell Machiel Dames Grant Dicks Robyn Du Preez Patricia Rieder Marthie Burger Carla Fourie Hugo Gevers Barbara Godfrey Brigitte Haschke Robin Hayes Julie-anne Heathcote Haley Meikle-braes Gennai Jansen Nicola Hughes Erika Venter Jan Labuschagne Magdalena Lauwrens Allen Lewitt Robin Lynn Ian Marshall Craig Murray Mark Pharenqua Rosemary Weineck Rupert Roux Francois Steyl Sonia Shaw Sue White Hannah Joubert Hannelie De Lange Retha Jacobs Magda Bester Abraham Gideon Cronjé Louwrens De Jager John Dewar Lee Elliott Vincent Fitzpatrick Gail Connelly Ansie Strydom Sandra-anne Kearney Attie Smit Gielliam Swiegers Samuel Van Der Merwe Ingrid Hindle Trevor Vernes Yvonne Joubert Debra MARX Steve Rhodes Van Wyk Dames Megan Levine Elmarié Fourie Stefan Beukes Dierdré Kleine Punte Dianne Cavanagh Bruce Cawcutt Reynier De Bruyn Johann (Boere) Plessis Koos Els Catherine Flascas Tracy Pugin Karen-lee Holmes Frederik Killian Helga Klingenberg Irene Potgieter Lucinda Landsberg Karen West Erica Miller Patricia Waldeck Kathleen Muir Gerhardt Oosthuizen Vernon Paulsen Beverley Lawrence Lesli VOLKER Theophillus Roux Gustav Scheepers Sonja Schutte Samantha Small Wendy Stratford Isabel Janse Van Rensburg Ilse Van Niekerk Bertie Venter Theresa Verster Johan Von Solms Susan Sieberhagen Gerhard De Lange Alex Albertse Noelleen Boyers Elmerie Human Walter Brunkhorst Sonja Craven Diann Crossman (now Bye) Larry Da Silva Louis De Waal David Gilbert Renee Scheepers Herman Kriel Kevin Louw Ian Maclachlan Philip Topham Evan Barker Annemarie Dreyer Carol Calver Rico Coetzee Shaun Corrigan Jan du Plessis Clive Dicks Shann Moorcroft Jannie Els Theresa-ann Fredrikson Alison Newland Billy Guthrie-strachan Lance Harris Zonya Lazenby Ludwig Menge Anaette Voges Cameron Mundell Bruce Murray Christiana Odendaal Shaun Patterson Jacques Theron Mark Gradidge Madeleine Greef Jannie Els Norbert Hellberg Aletta Nel Clynton Hill Lauren Holzhausen Marthinus Labuschagne Roy Maclachlan Janine Moore Linda Hellberg Wayne Poisson Jo-Anne Halse Michael Randel Vanessa Simkiss Elsie Taljaard Danielina Fourie Waldemar Wellmann Johannes Welthagen Diane Headley Neil Bancroft Janine Paulsen Inus Du Plessis Matthys Annandale Elizabeth Berryman Johanna (elize) Coetzer Elsa van der Merwe Jane Seaward Desrie van Lingen (divorced) Irene Fleischhauer Arno Goebel Martyn Hill Ursula Hird Stewart Keeley Gretel van den Berg Hermanus Kohrs Jeffery Mccallum Priscilla Sonitis Erenza Calitz Coenraad Scheepers Estelle Louwrens Mark Stableford Linda Longley Theo Van Rooyen Eileen Winterton Donovan Vernes Madeleen Wienand Diane Bennett Esmond Coen Jane Van Rooyen Izak Maree Sharon FOURIE Lynthea Armstrong Janine Cason P Ceronio B Collins A Duckham A Du Plooy Kim Ridge Bronwyn Du Toit A Farrington H Hambrock Mark Harding G Hellberg Darrel Jennings L John-van Der Merwe Riaan Jooste Elzeth) Le Roux Jane Hugo Gary Pelser L Maritz D Mattson M Nebbe Erika Theron Monique Steyn M Stielau A Theron Paula Theunissen George van Niekerk Carell Cronjé Karen Lazenby Mark Andrews Jolanda Botes Quintus Cason Anelma v/d Westhuizen Lindsay Butler Franci Gertzen N Hannon Sheldon Hastings Pieter Heydenrych Annatjie Janse Van Rensburg Renitha Jansen Van Vuuren Canzius Joubert Hanlie Botha D Krantz Delia Labuschagne Jean Mare George Maritz Sandra Botes Tracy Moore Ina Aveling Glenda van der Walt Ananda Smit D Stander Jogemus Taljaard Daleen Van Schalkwyk Antony Ware Chris Lombard Juta Boegman M Banks Riaan Bester B Ucky Cathro J Hodnett M Fitzpatrick M Pienaar Paul Jooste M Venter A Kampman N Marais L Steyn Karl Karl Stielau W Van Brakel Jeanine Collett Martie Van Deventer Marit Röhrs Louise Jordaan Victor Hellberg Estelle Van Schalkwyk Cobus Els Riaan Pretorius Liza-Mari Stephenson Melanie Caisley Gert Coetzer S Cross J Hyland L Dowie Paul Engelbrecht Hugh Fraser Ilka Tapping D Holm Christelle Roos P Le Roux Willie Mengel Marie Delport Patty Donaldson B Schroeder M Gabb Ian Smit Douw Van Der Merwe Colette Cilliers Liza-Mari Stephenson Kim Burgess Pieter Bester Abri Brancken Terence Corrigan Michelle Peenz Agata Czajkowski Colin Du Plessis Suzette Du Plessis Cornia Du Plooy STEPHENIE ERASMUS Melanie Gold Johan tank Hendricks Charles Kotze Heleen Everson J Maritz L Lovain Oelofsen Silvia Muller Angela de St Pern Kobus Van Der Bank D Van Der Rijst Morne Van Rooyen Kerry Cawcutt Marius Viljoen Yolanda Visser Emmie Komninos Andre Wagner GRANT BROWNLEE Edward Cardoso A Chiole A Davies Ninette Du Plessis Debbie Claase Angela Hatting Sampie Hendricks A Heydenrych Odette Horsley Samantha Janse Van Rensburg Justin Krause Isabel Le Grange Nico Lotheringen Tina Mathas Jessica Meyer Leon Muller Jacques Olivier Jean Olivier Jolene Kunz Anzelle van der Merwe Tammy Savoty Jacqueline Dimock Annarie Strachan Annalize Naude A Tschirpig Juanita Visser Nimfie Koegelenberg Berndt Wichmann Lodewyk Annandale Zelda Bekker Morne Carter Clinton Crawley Antoinette Franke Jaco (Belfry) Fuhri Monique Heesen N Hitchinson Liu Liu Garth Meier L Oulette Oosthuizen Dominique Askham Ivan Stocker T MARITZ Nevelle Van Zyl Janine Lotz Rudie Froneman Patrick Blake Surita Erasmus Warren Gold John Hendricks Werner Labuschagne Magda Liebenberg E Liu R Mack Gerhard Maree Pieter Nel X Husselman Tracey Osborn Ilke van Rooyen L Aura Hitchinson G cox Eugene Smith Andrew Jones Riaan Wagner Joanita Bezuidenhout Linsey Mathfield Dewald Coetzer C Greenhough Vanja Greyling Wesley Hendriks J Herman Albert Kirsten Janine Koekemoer P Maritz Carl Müller Willie Nel Nico Schroeder Michelle Talanda A Theron Malcolm Van Der Bank Helena (Thea) Van Jaarsveld (Sauer) Trudy Van Wyk Bradley Du Plessis Suzette Stoffberg Bronwen Carless Nicolette Dekker M Gillott Gregg Hesom CLARE Hutley Imogene Leyland Adri Smith Paula Potgieter-nortje Shaun Potgieter Johann Rheeders Amanda Fick Adel Pereira Ashley Winter Anri-louise Oosthuizen Lee-anne Block Nikky Britton Z Zondi Janine McCallum C Els Morne Fourie Dylan Horn F Fransiena Van Wyk Susanna McMartin Nishkar Maharaj Chantell Meiring John Mulhatton Blessing Ndamane Antionette Nel Sean Noordman Chris Roos Pieter Schwartz Anicke Steyn Nicholas Trichardt Nicole Badenhorst Danie Booysen Ttrtraceyaceytraceyey C Fanie Janse Van Vuuren Raymond Mackenzie Sandile Majola E Maritz Jaco Olivier Julie Perry R Potgieter Pauline Rose Karin Scholtz Saartjie van de Merwe Du Preez Van Wyk John Anderson Londiwe Biyela Sphumelele Cele Stephan Joubert Gordon Kunene Jabulisa Malinga Valerie Masombuka Iain Milne James Nel S Ntuli Estelle Scholtz Katherine Trichardt Kate Wevell Sarah Wevell Sonique Mc Kinley Bernhard Heesen Gert Aucamp Johanni Schlebusch Eugene Corbitt Irene De Wet Anton Fourie Priya Gunpath Gert Hanekom J Hasslet Alicia Powell Brightness Khoza Dirk Lamprecht Adelle Lamprechts Thami Langa Rudi Mienie Walters Noordman Nikiwe Nthsingila Herculene Olivier Phindile Sambo C Schwartz Wahkile Sithole Liezl Coetzer G Stocker Jacqueline Swanepoel Jacqueline van den Bos Claude Catlett Frikkie Nel Leanne Bond Janine Horn F Goolam Michael Hambidge Shaalim Hariparsadh Chanelle Wansbury S Hlatshwayo Venessa Janse Van Rensburg Cornelia Leutsoa N Mnyandu Gary Potgieter Stuart Rawlins Rene Rheeders M Rose T Scholtz Nelly Shamase Shajeshni Singh M Theron Abel Uys Tanya Van Der Westhuizen Cheron Mchunu Tarryn Long Nikki Baker Debbie Eloff R Freese Safiyyah Pelucha Tanya Strydom Lizelle Kitching Priyenka Matabal A Nkabinde Ntuthuko Mbatha Naledi Moloi J Nel R Stadler Thivashen Pillay Clint Robson Micheal Steyn Angeline Swanepoel Liska Wessels Marietjie Thomas Nomzamo Tshabalala A Van Rensburg C Anderson (Wallace) Susan Caldecott Amanda Mbatha Ansie Joubert Izak Van Zyl Shelley Du Plessis Werner Botha Rivash Chitarkhot N Coetzee Clayton de Boer Lionel Dedekind Nombuso Dlamini M Filmalter Andrea Hesom Bhavna Jagesur S Khumalo sbusiso Magugu Lindani Masango Dawn Mbatha Njabulo Mbatha Silindile Mbuli Sabelo Ngidi Ajeshni Singh Chimone Swart Elna Wichmann Fezile Zungu Lindisipho Zulu Nické Theron Ntombifuthi "Molly" Dlamini Francois Du Plessis Ajayson Gopie Jenna Greyling Stephan Hatting Tehjal Jagesur Tanya Kotze Sadhna Manraj S Masondo Gugu Mavimbela Mga Mbatha Nontokozo Mkhize Thandekile Ngema Jackie Smith Mariska Sonnekus Gregg Van Der Walt N Zwane Nazmira Khan Mariam Bana Devon Cherry Rahma Essack Zaheer Khan Zekhaya Mabaso Nobuhle Miya A Mostert Noluthando Ngobese Nqobile Sibiya Sibusisiwe (Sibu) Nkosi Kayleigh Page Neale Rundgren Nazeefah Seedat Phindile X Sithole Idonette Smit Tercia Charters Robyn Wait Charné Meintjes Lindo Mthethwa Samantha Naidoo Jan Du Plessis Conrad Van Dyk Rose-marie Wilkinson Taahir Joosub Nosipho Buthelezi Keshni Chetty Nirvana Chotoo Susan Currie Marelie Devereux Asiff Goolam Nompilo Hlubi Gugulethu Kubelo Preben Maharaj Thandeka Mahlaba Nonkululeko Mbatha Silindile Mbatha Siphumelele Mbatha Thembinkosi Mhlungu Simphiwe Mlambo Varshan Mohabir Samukele Mvelase Phakamile Nkosi Craig Owen Ashlin Perumall Stuart Ponton Subhadra Ragubeer Louise Rebeiro Gert Roux Marishka Singh Jamie Bhajan Nadia du Plessis Ebrahim Vawda Carmen Hatting Zokwethemba Zondo Fundisiwe Zwane Morne Jansen van Rensburg Naldo Bester Sean Coetzee N Dlamini Waldo Freese A Gopie Mauritz Heine Siyabonga Hlatshwayo M Madela M Mthethwa Nolwandle Ngwenya Chiara Pillay Julian Rachmann N Shabangu S Sibisi Simone Strydom S Trichardt Ralph Wichmann K Betts Jessica Gribben Sarah Honiball Londeka Makhoba Nkululeko Mbatha M Moola Devnisa Naidoo Tiffanie Naidoo M Ngobese Noxolo Ngobese A Schooling S Sheobalak Ayanda Sokhela M Thwala Denice Robberts Ivan Van Jaarsveld Kavish Ramcharan Naseeha Khan Ndabenhle Mbatha Patricia Mbatha Sduduzile Masondo Sithembile Zulu Sithembiso Cebekhulu Yolande potgieter Njabulo Mbatha Nomfundo Khomo Shana Sherriff Thirshen Moodley Ayanda Duma Chantelle Dowie Drikie Prinsloo Kavish Badrinarain Londiwe Mpulo Sean Malinga Tafara Muswerakuenda Tanita Hattingh Thamsanqa Dlamini Senta Bunge Lungile Mfeka Simphiwe Ndlovu Philisiwe Nene Bernita Oosthuizen Thinus Scholtz Reuel Bujhawan Felicia De Beer Natasha van Der Stok Gerald Bunge Luleka Mashazi Masimbonge Mkhize Ansurie Ranjith Nikita Salik André Swiegers Dundee High School Gallery Academics Gallery Cultural Gallery Sport Gallery Social Gallery Scholars Gallery General Gallery Old Scholars Gallery Art Gallery Choir Gallery 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